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Risen from the ashes of the split-up Dawn of Disease, Hannover-based formation HIRAES have just started their journey to take their monumental Melodic Death Metal out into the world. HIRAES combines the full force of all four instrumentalists off Dawn of Disease (Lukas Kerk, Oliver Kirchner, Christian Wösten and Mathias Blässe) with the powerful voice of Britta Görtz (Critical Mess, ex-Cripper) in order to create an exciting new Melodic Death experience. The music of the quintet oscillates between hymnlike melodies and enthralling guitar riffing; breathtaking hooklines are accompanied by relentless drumming and the overall melancholic spirit is crowned by the distinctive, versatile and catchy growls of lead singer Britta. This own remarkable musical identity is also found in the meaning behind the term HIRAES: Derived from the Welsh word hiraeth, which stands for the nostalgia and yearning for lost places of the past or a home that maybe never was, a deep sense of gloom hovers above the whole concept of HIRAES. Touching yet strong lyrical themes reflect this thrilling atmosphere.

In 2021, Hiraes released their highly acclaimed debut album „Solitary“ through Napalm Records. Despite the effects of the pandemic, Hiraes managed to successfully leave a mark as a grasping live band. Opening for bands such as Crypta, Evil Invaders and Konvent on their European tours, Hiraes are ready for more.

The band is currently working on their sophomore album that will again be released through Napalm Records. Coming up next for Hiraes is supporting legendary Left to Die (with members of genre inventors Death) on parts of their European tour in early 2023.

Debut album "Solitary" is out on Napalm Records.

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HIRAES are: Christian (Bass), Mathias (Drums), Britta (Vocals), Lukas (Guitars), Olli (Guitars)